Hi, I’m Saba. Welcome to Saba Studies, where curiosity takes the reins. I firmly believe that we don’t have to be experts to answer questions – we just have to be curious. All too often, this world shrinks us, and we feel that it’s too dangerous to let our imaginations run wild, and that it’s too risky to ask the important questions. So, Saba Studies is a sanctuary for the curious – a place where we can ask questions, investigate, and learn.

Allow me a moment of narcissism as I offer you unsolicited tidbits about myself: I’m a human being, student, violinist, sister, fur mom, wannabe humanitarian, and professional dabbler. My favourite things are animals, nature, and intriguing people. I am a neurotic hypochondriac on my best days. On my worst days, I’m normal (repulsive, I know). My biggest weaknesses are puppies and vegan chocolate. I will never, ever, turn down a puppy or vegan chocolate.

Oh, and never ask me to play basketball. The answer will be a sharp “no”, as I am still profoundly traumatized from having to do layups in gym class. But I’m gradually working through it.

This site is under construction, as I happen to be the poster girl for the technologically challenged. For now, blog posts can be found by month, on the right. 






Please send me an email to introduce yourself. I love getting to know people, and I especially love making new friends. We’re a global network, but we’re all just humans traveling this journey together. 

You can find more of my musings on Thought Catalog.