The counterintuitive benefit of commitment

 “99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze.” – Jack Canfield

Wiggle room. We love it. We fight to hold onto it.

We don’t want to sacrifice our freedom – we make loose goals with a wobbly plan of how to achieve them, thinking this gives us space to breathe. But this very space for which we allot, is what ends up suffocating us in the end.

When you leave space for that 1% of wiggle room, that 1% of wishy-washiness, you have already lost. Because the most essential part of realizing a goal or a dream is commitment; and the prerequisite for commitment is full investment. 

Let’s say you have set up a goal to quit coffee. To be “realistic”, and to avoid failure, you say that you will not have coffee most of the time – except maybe when you’re out, visiting with a friend, or when you have to get up extra early.

What you’ve effectively done is given yourself that 1%. Now 100% of the times that you are craving coffee, you will run through your 1% criteria, and see if your rationale fits. The mental chatter and chaos this causes is torturous, and it will ensure that you never actually quit coffee.

Compare that to 100% commitment. You say, I quit coffee. No coffee means no coffee. So when an opportunity arises to decide whether or not you are allowed to have coffee, there is no debate. And guess what? You will successfully quit.

Conjure up 10 ways in which you’ve made a lackadaisical commitment, and notice how you are suffering from that 1%.

And the counterintuitive solution to the suffering caused by that 1% of wiggle room, is making a 100% commitment.


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