If it takes being stupid, be an absolute idiot

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.32.09 PM.png

If wanting to change the world and being naive enough to try makes you naive, so be it.

If thinking that your actions impact the world is insane, lock yourself in an asylum.

If being a passionate social advocate is laughable, then be a comedian. 

Dilution is for homeopathic remedies, chemistry labs and alcoholic beverages – not for watering down one’s concern for the welfare of humanity.

The cult of average will keep you complacent. The cult of average wants to inoculate you against the perils of independent thinking – so it bombards you, filling your days with Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook and engineered food and hamster-wheel materialism. Heaven forbid you are left undistracted for a moment; for in stillness we find clarity. And within that clarity, the misalignment of society is brought to light, in its fully naked shame.

The weapon of independent thought is what threatens the very foundation of a backwards society. Corporations rely upon collective complacency.  What they fear most is not an arms race between the powerful nations, but the awakening of a dormant society.

A sleeping sheepish society is what we are, and that is the only reason why we are robbed and cheated, with our ambitions locked away in crates. If we want power in the hands of the people, and not in the corporations – we have to be awake.

Sleeping with one eye open is not enough; it is too late for half-hearted consciousness. We need everyone to splash their faces with ice-cold water and wake up



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